Review: Out There

2016-01-24 23.16.50You are out at the edge of the galaxy, lost in a space ship with limited resources, and you need to find your way home. That is the premise of “Out There” (from Mi Clos Studio).

2016-01-24 23.15.05In Out There you jump your ship from star to star, collect resources from nearby planets, and find abandoned space ships to take over. You might even come across an alien race, or an abandoned mega structure around a forgotten star.

2016-01-24 23.18.06While simplistic in design, I have found Out There to be incredibly challenging. The random generation of each game makes it possible to go in directions that give you no fuel, or no oxygen to replenish your ship. You might also find random encounters that damage the hull of your vessel, or blown up in a super nova. Then you’ll need to “land” on alien planets with varied terrain to mine for oxygen and iron. You might even meet a local alien who will teach you a bit more of the language.

2016-01-24 23.15.16At $4.99 it is one of the more expensive games on Google Play, but it is completely ad free, and has high replay value. The sound track is reminiscent of classic sci-fi movies like “2001 Space Odyssey”, soft and ethereal. The sound effects are also well done, with different effects for sailing across the void, adding oxygen to your systems, or repairing your ship.

Over all, Out There is a nice strategy game set in space that easily pulls you in. I’ve often started playing with the notion to only move a few star systems and realized later that I’ve been playing for an hour.


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