Review: Splendor

2015-12-30 23.46.44My first experience with Splendor was as the board game (from Days of Wonder). I loved it from the first moment I picked up the thick plastic tokens and heard them clicking against the table. When I found the game available through the Google Play on sale it was an instant buy for me. The normal price is $6.99, but if you love board games, and Splendor in particular, then the price is well worth it.

Splendor is a recourse management and strategy game in which you use gems to purchase cards. Some of the cards are worth victory points. Once you have enough victory points you win. Sounds easy?

2016-01-28 06.06.14Splendor translates to a mobile game quite beautifully, with wonderful background music reminiscing of RPG games, and beautiful renderings of the stylized artwork from every card. The game also allows for extra variety and challenges that aren’t seen in the table top game. They also preserved the clicking sound of tokens on the table, and added sound for card shuffling and dealing as well.

They game allows you to play against a computer AI, or play and pass mode with a friend, and is 2-4 players in either mode.

The AI is passable, though I found myself beating the AI nine out of ten games after a little while. The random shuffling of the deck is often harder to get past than the AI, but for quick games the AI is passable. You can also adjust the AI to play more aggressively if you need more of a challenge.

Overall Splendor is a wonderful game that is good as a physical board game, or a mobile app.


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