Review: Knights of Pen and Paper

2016-02-12 07.09.17Many of us got our first introduction to role playing games through table top games like Dungeons and Dragons. When RPG’s came to computer they started as Multi User Dimensions,  a text only game that sometimes allowed many players from around the globe to play together,  or single player adventures that came on floppy disk.

2016-02-12 07.33.58Since that time computers have changed in many ways, as did the games we played.  Graphics, animation, cut scenes,  and music kept pushing the bar.

The original table top game of D&D has also changed.  It is currently on its 5th edition,  and there have been many other table top games in different worlds,  with different rules and play styles. The experience,  whatever the rule set,  is the same.  Sitting around a table with a group of friends,  having snacks,  and killing goblins with the roll of the die.

2016-02-12 07.10.17I’ve looked for a mobile RPG style game for a while,  and there are many contenders out there.  Most are solo games,  a few allow for online play,  and each of them has their own set of rules and instructions.

2016-02-12 07.13.11My favorite pick for mobile RPG table top simulation is “Knights of Pen and Paper.”  Though the graphics are 8bit, and the music reminds me of chip tunes, I have more hours sunk into this mobile game than almost any other one I own.

Knights of Pen and Paper is also available through the Steam store.  I purchased my version through the Humble Bundle app,  so there are no advertisements,  and no micro transactions on my version.

The story for Knights has a nice mix of fantasy and real world aspects.  You are literally a group sitting around a table.  The table goes with you from place to place as you travel across the kingdom,  and you roll your dice to see who wins.  There are several different classes to choose from,  and each player has a different bonus making it easy to mix and match and get the right combination of stat bonuses for each campaign.

2016-02-12 07.16.29There are hours worth of quest,  and a player may find they need to grind a bit at times to get upgrades and new equipment.  One of the better features is the sharing of gold and table stats.  If you start a new game with a new party you can use the gold from the other party,  and you also keep any upgrades you did to the table,  and the room you play in.  This allows for future games to go faster,  or to go grind on a second campaign to earn gold for your main session before progressing.

The story,  itself,  crosses the forth line often,  and has funny dialog that adds to the theme.

Over all,  I love Knights of Pen and Paper.  It gives you the quick battle when you are waiting in line,  but each battle adds to an overall story.  Plus the old school charm is endearing.


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