Review: for Mobile

Screenshot_20160418-233027I’m sure that most of you have had a chance to play (by Lowtech Studios). It’s a fast passed feeding frenzy game with snakes. Easy to play, challenging, and incredibly fun to see how far you can get. I actually found it more fun than as I was able to get closer to the leader boards, and even a small snake could potentially take out the largest snake with just a few quick moves.

Screenshot_20160420-151238The transfer to mobile makes sense. You can easily tap and slide your finger across the screen, sucking in ectoplasm and growing your snake. It’s intuitive, and easy to adjust to. I have been playing on my HTC 1 smart phone with a five inch screen, and even on a small screen I was able to get up to the 12th slot before succumbing to a quicker (and much smaller) snake.

Screenshot_20160418-232835The PC version does offer some advantages, such as larger viewing space, and your finger not getting in the way when you’re trying to see where you’re going, but if you’re not playing the plus version of Slither on your desktop then you won’t notice the difference in size. The finger getting the way might take a little time to get used to, but is easy to compensate for after a couple games.

Take away: If you enjoy you’ll probably enjoy it on mobile as well.


Review: Beneath the Lighthouse

2016-05-01 21.44.58  Beneath the Lighthouse (from Nitrome) is a quick puzzle game that is perfectly designed for a touch screen. You have to press and pull, using the touch sensitive screen to maneuver the little ball through the mazes. There are the usual traps, like spikes, and crumbling paths. There are also unusual puzzles with the specific mechanics of the touch screen involved. Nets that only spread out when you’re touching the screen. Platforms that rotate as you rotate the room.

2016-05-01 21.33.52The circular set of each puzzle also lends to the maze. As you rotate the circle around various things will change. You might navigate the path then find the exit isn’t aligned correctly. You can also use the twist of the map to fall straight, avoiding some of the hazards, or roll along the top of a tunnel instead of the bottom.

The music is relaxing, with the sounds of the sea playing in time. The ocean washing up on shore, birds calling, a lighthouse bell ringing softly every once in a while. And the ball 2016-05-01 21.33.20that you are trying to get through the maze has a personality of his own, as well. He giggles as you roll down a hill, or says “ow” if you run into an obstacle. It’s quite charming.

The graphics are reminiscent of Crossy Road, or other blocky stylistic games. Bold colors against dark backgrounds make puzzles easy to see, and aesthetically pleasing.

2016-05-01 21.34.40They also have a rather nice way of dealing with revenue for this game. You get it free, but you can pay $4.99 for an ad-free version. If you play with ads enabled you will see one ad after five deaths, then go right back to playing. There is no limit as to how often you can die per day, you just have to endure the ad now and then. Or pay for the privilege to pay till your hearts content.

I only played a few levels and saw several different types of taps and puzzles, but I don’t know how long the game is, so I don’t know if the price tag is worth it. But, with how good the game is I would suggest picking it up just to try it.