Review: Beggars Ride

2016-05-10 23.18.33Beggars Ride (by Bad Seed) is a beautifully drawn platformer and puzzle game that leads you along the journey of a beggar as he collects masks that give him god like powers. Each mask gives you new powers, and these powers enable you to get deeper down the maze, finding new creatures and well-designed puzzles to solve.

2016-05-10 23.14.42I can’t get over how beautiful this game is. There are crystalline animals walking along the path, and mushrooms balanced on spindly trunks that you grow. The clockwork nature of the puzzles adds even more mystery to the world. Coupled with the eerily beautiful sound track, this is a fantastic game.

2016-05-10 23.31.11Beggars Ride has a very linear progression, adding difficulty to puzzles as you acquire more masks while keeping the core mechanic of a jumping and running puzzle. As you gather masks the puzzles get more intricate, incorporating all aspects of each of your powers.

2016-05-10 23.34.42Over all a well done game, well suited for the mobile experience, and highly recommended. For $3.99 with no ads, a great purchase.


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