Review: Knights of Pen and Paper 2

20160703124618_1I reviewed Knights of Pen and Paper a few months ago. It is still one of my favorite games for tablet, phone, or PC. So, this week when I saw the new Humble Bundle for mobile games that included Knights of Pen and Paper 2 I was interested.

20160703130404_1I’ve been playing Knights2 for the last week on PC. I did check and it does work very similarly on phone or tablet. Basically you press buttons, choose options, and roll the dice. Very simple interface so the device you use doesn’t matter.

20160704010245_1But there are several differences between Knights1 and Knights2. The second game has more DLC that you have to pay for. When I came across the first road block leading down the DLC rabbit hole I was slightly annoyed. I felt like the game was shorter then the first, and thus not as good a deal. However, I continued down a different path and found several more locations, lots more quests, and several more abilities.

20160704010624_1The main spells of all the character types have been changed as well. There are a few that are similar from first edition to second edition, but I found that I had to relearn all of the skills and abilities, find new ways of optimizing my character classes, and work on getting items in new ways. The blacksmith has been done away with in favor of an upgrade system. You just need charms and scrolls to upgrade weapons, which ends up being a lot easier (cheaper) in the long run than the blacksmith had been.

20160704011341_1The graphics got updated as well. I’m not sure which ones I prefer, but the new game does come with a slew of new monsters to kill. The story line is just as tongue in cheek as the original. This time instead of hunting down the developers you’re hunting down a party that refuses to convert to the new edition rules.

Overall a good game. I might even pick up the DLC after I’ve completed it, but even the base game has hours worth of enjoyment before you need the DLC to proceed.


Review: Lost Lands Franchise

Screenshot_2016-06-19-22-41-13A month or so ago, Dodger mentioned playing Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure on Steam. So I tried it.

The artwork is beautiful. Some of the puzzles are challenging. However, Lost Lands: A hidden Object Adventure is, at it’s basics, a hidden object game. Screenshot_2016-06-19-08-26-25You go into different scenes and you find the objects to collect items and open more rooms to play more games. I will even add that the extra puzzles in the game via chests, and

HOWEVER! This is Five-BN Games‘ freemiam game. It works on that principle, and I can’t fault them for making it that way. I will even applaud them for making the graphics and animations so beautiful, and the music soothing.

Screenshot_2016-06-19-08-15-39Then I got my Kindle Fire a couple days ago, and the Amazon Underground that goes with it. Here you get “truly free” games that have no advertising, and no in app purchases. It’s just free. Five-BN Games has several titles in the Amazon Underground, so I grabbed them.

Screenshot_2016-06-19-15-29-56The first game I played was Lost Lands: Dark Overlord. I completed the entire game in about five hours, then completed the bonus chapter in another two hours.

Beautiful music. Fantastic cut scenes. Good voice acting. Engaging plot line. So many puzzles! I did not feel like I was playing just another hidden object game. I felt like I was playing a puzzle game, and unfolding a mystery, and the hidden objects were just part of the puzzles.

Screenshot_2016-06-19-09-43-06Even the hidden object rooms had some game elements. You had to find the items to unlock parts of the room, or match items with their partner (a feather with an inkwell, sword with a scabbard, etc.)

And once you’ve completed the game you can go in and replay the individual puzzles again from the main menu.

Screenshot_2016-06-19-21-31-56While the entire game only took me a couple of days to finish it was well worth it. The individual games are $5 a piece, but they are available on Steam, Amazon, and Amazon Underground through their app.

I will be picking up the rest of the Lost Land games.

Screenshot_2016-06-19-09-01-12Also, the games play similarly on PC and tablet or phone. It’s a little easier to tap then it is to drag the mouse around the rooms, but only slightly. The music, and graphics don’t suffer on the tablet. I think I prefer it on the Kindle Fire only because of portability, but I did not enjoy playing it on my phone because many of the items were too small to see.