Review: Nonstop Knight

2016-08-28 19.11.06NonStop Knight (by Flare Games) is exactly what it sounds like…a knight that doesn’t stop running and fighting his way through the dungeons.

2016-08-27 20.53.43This is a new type of clicker game. Your little knight simply fights, and keeps fighting his way through the dungeons. You can activate special abilities, swings and spells, or upgrade his equipment, but you have no control over which direction he moves, though you can do is call the boss for the major battle.

2016-08-28 20.51.42This, like most clicker games, has a fast build up then a slow tapering off as you hit a certain level. Once there you must “ascend” and start the whole process over, but with the new skills you learned in previous incarnations. You do lose armor, money, and experience. Each play through you get a little farther.

2016-08-28 20.53.45While you’re away your little knight keeps fighting for you, and you get a nice little sum of gold when you return. But he won’t fight the bosses unless you tell him to.

Fast paced, with a nice aesthetic art, and smooth animation, NonStop Knight may be a clicker, but it is more entertaining than most, and has enough interactivity with spells and skills to keep it interesting.

There are no intrusive ads, either. The few ads I saw were offered to me with promise of coins or loot for watching a thirty second ad. And the ads I saw had a mute button so you could mute them while they played in the background.