Review: Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator

It took me a bit to find Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator (from Outerminds Inc.) There are several of them on the app store. All, but one, are quick mock ups by someone else, terribly done, and a pale mockery of the actual Pewdiepie version.

2016-09-30-07-08-49The actually PTS starts you out in a dilapidated room with torn wall paper and ripped up carpets. As you earn views you can trade in the views for better items, decorate, gain levels, and improve your ways to earn  more views.

2016-09-30-18-04-40 Not going to sugar coat it. This is a clicker. You start things moving and it earns you views. Thankfully you’re not sitting there clicking over and over. One of the first upgrades you get makes the videos a lot longer, which lets you walk away from the game for a while and come back, do a few things, then go away again.

2016-09-30-18-04-35 What makes this better than most clickers is your own personal, customization room. Everything is customization. The walls, the floors, the decorations. You can stack a lot of things, and items do not snap to squares so you can put several small items on one table if you want to. Or put all the posters you can on the walls.

2016-09-30-18-04-22There’s also a mini game called Puggle that will diminish the time to deliver items for a fee, and possibly net you some in game bux.

Speaking of which, there is a pay for currency. You can get it by completing quests, occasionally dropped by the “sponsor eagle” or in a game of Puggle. Or you can buy it. It starts at a penny a bux, and gets significantly cheaper if you buy larger packs. There have been a few people complaining that they did not get their bux on purchase, but that’s because the game came out just two days ago and they are still working out some bugs. I’d suggest waiting to purchase bux until the servers settle down.

2016-09-30-17-58-28You can also make friends on there, and view or vote on each others rooms. If you’re playing add me! I’m LelulaGames on there.

Leveling is easy enough. It took me about 24 hours to get to level six. That’s where I could finally buy actual carpet and get rid of the bothersome torn carpet. Also by then I had filled my room with posters, rugs, changed my hair style, and expanded the room a few times. Expanding the room and buying some upgrades like new desk, computer, and keyboard cost bux.

The game itself is pretty fun. I love decorating my little room, and upgrading all the little items. Puggle is also fun, but can eat up all your views if you aren’t watching.

There is no way to easily find your friends. You have to enter in their name in order to find them, which  means trying to figure out which of your friends play. They also limit you on how many friends you can have at any one time. I’m hoping that goes up with your levels, and that some of the other features like voting and sharing your room are opened up eventually.


Review: Pokemon Uranium

uranium I usually review mobile games, but I got my hands on Pokemon Uranium and couldn’t help myself.

First off, disclaimer. I’ve never played more then a few minutes of a real Pokemon game. I played Pokemon Snap and T ornament, but I’m not counting them as “real” Pokemon games poke2because they don’t have the stories, travel, and questing that an actual Pokemon game has.

Pokemon Uranium? Has everything, including a lot of original Pokemon, and a completely new type of radioactive Pokemon!

poke1I haven’t gotten very far into the game yet, but I can give you some first impressions.

The game is easy to navigate, vibrant, and has great sound. The music reminds me of other pokemon titles I’ve watched. The new “fakemon” (seriously, I didn’t know that was a thing till this week) fit right into the Pokemon world and have fantastic evolution. Some of them are better designed then others, but all of the ones I’ve seen so far have been pretty good.

Doing a little research has given me a gimps into the HUGE rabbit hole that is Pokemon Uranium. I’m guessing it’s going to take me a while to catch them all, but I’m definitely going to enjoy doing so.

poke3There are a few differences. No Nurse Joy. You don’t choose your starter, you take a “test”. A few of the Pokemon now have “mega evolutions.” There is a PokePod that lets you connect with other trainers for information. And there is supposedly a way to battle with other trainers, but I haven’t tried that yet.

I’m happy this was my intro to Pokemon. I don’t have a 3DS, and I didn’t get a Gameboy until a few years ago. The Pokemon cartridge I have has a dead battery. So… Uranium it is!

Come on, Nintendo! Put Pokemon on PC, I’ll buy it! No, really, do it!