Review: Plants vs Zombies Heroes

2016-11-26-23-28-28I found a new card game for mobile. I actually found this while listening to Co-Optional Podcast. Total Biscuit talked about how much he liked Plants Vs Zombies Heroes (from EA), so I had to try it out.

2016-11-26-23-17-24From the first comic strip that pops up on the screen, to the cards themselves, PvZ Heroes is a funny, bright, vibrant, and addicting game.

Like most mobile card games you have to pick up more cards by earning packs, and each pack will have 1-5 cards. You can earn credits to buy some packs, and others are awarded by hitting milestones. Through the first tutorial you can pick up a number of cards to fill out your deck. You can also earn or 2016-11-27-00-20-44purchase new heroes, each with their own powers. Once you get through the tutorial you can start playing as the zombies and learn their tactics from the other side.

2016-11-27-00-04-06There are quests that earn you more currency, and you can, of course, purchase the currency for money as well.

But the actual content, the cards and moves the zombies and plants do, are hilarious. From the dolphin rider with flavor text that says “the dolphin is a zombie too”, to sour grapes that says “Sour. Bitter. Resentful. It’s all true. But he’s got his reasons.”

2016-11-28-00-24-31 The game plays well. After several dozen matches, and progressing two of my plant heroes, and one of my zombies, I have to say this is one of my favorite card systems. Not just because of the theme and jokes, but also because of how strategy plays such a huge roll, while still being within reach. I’ve lost a few battles because of bad RNG coupled with bad choices only to go fight the same zombie and pick a new strategy that works in a much better way.

The learning curve is pretty subtle, easy enough to pick up, and as you go it gets harder and hard. But I must admit that I’ve yet to try the player vs player mode. I’ll do that soon. Till then I’m just enjoying the story mode.


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