First Impression: Sim City

2016-10-03-03-54-40 I, like many of you, grew up playing the Sim City franchise. It was an amazing game in which you created cities, charged taxes, and built a dream city. The original series had different scenarios that you could also beat in order to earn achievements.

2016-10-03-03-57-36For the mobile version, Sim City Builder (from EA) you do a lot of the same things. You build roads, set city zones, raise taxes, and expand your city. The mobile version is also stripped down to a much smaller scale, but the basics are still there.

It does, however, add some mechanics that 2016-10-03-03-59-21 the original did not have. Specifically earning coins and materials to make new buildings from the buildings you previously made.

It’s a waiting game, letting the materiel and coins build up so that you can purchase 2016-10-03-04-06-31or upgrade new  buildings.

It was a very frustrating experience. Already, just an hour into the game, I already felt like I needed to purchase coins if I was going to be able to play this game in any effective way.

As much as I love Sims games, I am heading away from them. For the last couple of years Sim City, and to a lessor extent the Sims, have gotten away from the core building mechanics, and more about money. There are other games, like City Skylines and Tropico, that do a much better job of the core game play without adding in all the money grabbing additions.

What this says for an actual city builder on a mobile device I’m not sure yet. I’m going to have to try to find one that is actually worth sharing, and recommending. For now, Sim City for mobile isn’t recommended.



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