Quick Review: Katamari 

Tap my Katamari is a clicker game. And not a good one. Most clickers give you bonuses you can buy with the coins that allow the clicking to happen automatically. Slower than if you click it, but so gathering coins. This one has a similar function, but it’s so slow that after an hour of clicking I still hasn’t gotten very far.

They also have cousins for you to add to your abilities. The cousins have bonuses for your earning, fixing and other functions. You can also purchase mushroom power ups.

I love Katamari games, and some clickers,  but this was highly. Slow build up. Repetitive item collection. And a leveling system that boggles the mind. After an hour I managed to get to level 10,and to get two of the cousins up a few levels. But you aren’t just purchasing a level for the cousin, or for the prince’s strength. Your purchasing a piece of the level, and you have to buy several pieces before you get a level.

Bottom line, there are better clickers out there. Don’t get this one.


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