Review: The Trail

2016-12-24-23-31-342016-12-25-01-15-34 The Trail (from Kongregate) was announced almost a year ago. I heard about it through the Co-Optional podcast, and described as “walking down a trail, picking up items, and enjoying the view.” It didn’t sound great, in fact it barely sounded like a game at all.

It came out at the end of 2016, and after listening to Dodger talk about it I decided to download The Trail and give it a try. It had more game play than I thought it would, and I actually found it fun, in a relaxing sort of way.

2016-12-25-00-39-34 2016-12-24-23-31-14 2016-12-26-01-34-35

It is a stroll down a long trail, and you do craft items. You also use those items to craft goods, like clothing hat gives you extra pockets, or shoes that give you more stamina. You can craft an ax to cut down trees, or a sling to shoot animals, and with them gather more items.

At the end of each segment you’ll find a fire where you can sell or buy things from others who are at the same fire as you. A lot of the people you’ll meet on the trail are bots created by the game to do so, but this can be a good thing as they will sell things for your quests, or clothing you might need.

2016-12-25-01-19-51 2016-12-25-00-42-52

But really, it’s a beautiful game. I kept finding myself trying to go farther and see what’s around the next bend. Even the little dancer girl with the sandwich board that comes out to get you to watch an ad for a prize is cute, and well designed.

And once  you get to a village you can buy a home, set up shop, work with others to sell goods and upgrade the village, and keep walking.

This really isn’t the normal kind of game. It’s more about the exploration and seeing what’s at the end of the trail then anything. There are so many different areas with forests, snowy mountains, flowery fields, and more. Well worth the walk if you’re looking for something unique and relaxing.


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