Review- Magikarp Jump

Pokemon themed, and bite sized, Magikarp Jump(from The Pokemon Company) is fun for a bit, but not very satisfying. At its heart it is a clicker game. That means you don’t really make very many choices, you just click and your magikarp does all the work.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cute little game, and you do get to collect Pokemon to sit on the banks of your magikarp pool, but there isn’t a lot of game-play here.
You start by catching a magikarp with an old fishing rod. You then have to up the stats of the magikarp by feeding and training it. (By training I mean watching it jump, or push something.)

Each action takes one click, and rewards you with some cute animations, but nothing else.

Once you’re trained enough you “battle” another trainer by seeing who’s magikarp can jump the highest. Again, this is one click. No skill involved, just clicking to see which one jumps higher based on the stats.

Each magikarp has a level limit,

and once it reaches the limit, and beats as many gyms as possible, he retires, and you catch a new one to start all over again.
There are plenty of collectibles in this game. You can collect more Pokemon to give bonuses to your magikarp , collect decorative items, magikarp patterns, and gym badges. There are encounters with locals who will give you coins or gems. But again, not a lot of game play outside of choosing which items to enhance your bonuses, and which magikarp to choose.
It’s a cute time waster, nice theme, but don’t expect a lot out of it.


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