Review: Apple Knight

Mobile can be a great platform for small platforming games done well. Apple Knight (by Limitless, LLC) is such a game.

In Apple Knight you play as a knight collecting apples, and coins, to make your way through a room with many dangers in store. Bats, wizards, spikes, and more. There are also secret passages and chests filled with coins.

And the apples you’re collecting? They are your ammunition for ranged attacks.

After you’ve made your way through the platforms you can enter a shop and upgrade your sword and apples. Then you can play levels again, find any mysteries you missed before, and earn more gold for more upgrades. You can even get new skins that give you more health, or range in fighting.

The platforming, itself, is challenging. The monsters are diverse, and the projectiles you have to dodge get progressively harder. The fact that you’re playing it on a phone or tablet doesn’t take away from the challenge, in fact it may increase it since the touch screen controls can be finicky at times. The game works well even on a small screen. Occasionally I would hit the wrong button and end up missing a jump, but the game was forgiving enough that it didn’t set me back too far.

The monetization for Apple Knight is better than most free mobile games. In the levels you will find chests that have an ad symbol on the side of them. Hit them and you watch an ad to get tons of coins and gems.  Or you can buy a skin that gives you some small bonuses, and turns off ads so you can hit the chests and get the rewards without the ad.

The skins range from $2-5, or you can get all six of them for $10.  The bonuses they give you, like an extra hard and extra damage, could be labeled pay to win, but this is also a single player game that you are playing for free. At most the entire game costs $10, and I think it’s worth that much. Especially since it has different difficulty levels so more replayability available.

I would love to try this game with a controller, but I don’t have one compatible with my phone yet. Even so, as a mobile platformer Apple Knight is one of the best that I’ve had the pleasure of playing.





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