Review: Tiny Rails

Incremental games can be fun. They allow you to put a few minutes at a time into unlocking new things, finding new items, and see more content. Tiny Rails (by Tiny Titan Studios) does exactly that. You enter the game, spend a few minutes setting things up, and adding new cars to your train. Each stop unlocks more of the map, and you can see new and interesting events.

The artwork for Tiny Rails is great. Each of the areas you unlock have new things to see, and if you happen to be watching at just the right time you might catch a special event like a meteor falling, or the aurora borealus. You’ll pass through jungles, the golden gate bridge, cities and deserts along your way. And the cars you can get…well, they are can be interesting.

Arriving at new stations allows you to buy and sell stock that you’ve been collecting. It will tell you what’s on demand, and you can scout out what to buy ahead of time. I found that if you buy things for less than ten coins a piece you could sell them elsewhere and make a profit. More than ten coins and you may have to sell at a lose.

There is a capsule game that allows you to win new cars for your train. You might also get coins, or other gifts. I picked up several new train cars through the gotcha game, and added to my train. You can also earn money and status from the cars you add to your train.

The night and day will turn, along with the seasons, so it pays to revisit areas you’ve already been to. Occationally I would open the app just to see where the train was passing through.

Tiny Rails is also available through steam as a one time purchase. This means no advertisements, and no microtransactions. This also means a bigger screen, and you can bring the game up to watch the train zooming down the track while you’re working or playing something else. They also recently added a Halloween update with spooky cars to add to your train.

Overall a pleasant game if you enjoy trains, and incremental games.

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